The New Wave Mum. 

The trip into motherhood as I’ve said many times can be a brutal battle, you have the pregnancy which entails your body actually growing a life (I know fucking insane), the labour where that life emerges from your body (even more insane), and then the crazy many stages of baby, toddler, child, teenager, adult. Well I’ve been talking to a free spirited mumma of two who is completely rocking it, don’t get me wrong she did admit that her children can be arseholes, but hay can’t they all?! 

I got to talk to Annistasia about Hypno Birthing and whilst the conversation did quickly escalate into matters of gender identity I was highly amused with the ‘poo humming’ yep you read that right! It is a mechanism to encourage you to allow your body to deliver the baby calmly, and to practice your poo hum, instead of straining when you are ready to go, you hum your poo out. Whilst this may sound crazy Annistasia did confirm that the labour she had with her son using the methods she had learnt left her feeling complete at his arrival. Both her children were delivered by C-section but having embraced the world of Hypno Birthing she said that she felt so much more in control and informed of her choices during the labour and this is something so important! With her second section Annistasia even had the knowledge and conviction to have a natural section which she attributes to helping her feel as though this labour was under her control and an all around better experience. The course Annistasia took was not funded by the NHS and is considered an alternative method, which clearly has had some great results. We spoke about breastfeeding and the incredible support she had from the Chelsea and Westminster hospital where her daughter was born siting it as to be quite frank the only reason she was successful at feeding, she had four days of one on one care and support and went on to fed her daughter for 2 years. This in itself is validation of the help that is needed. 

We spoke freely about Annistasia’s parenting style and how she embraces the wishes her children have and encourages self development and independence. Her daughter is currently with blue and pink hair after expressing want for this for several weeks (hair chalks before anyone goes crazy). After all we only want to give our children what they want and Annistasia so wonderfully put it with ‘there are too many no’s in this would, be a yes!’ We also covered gender neutralising and I was so happy to hear that whilst her children will always be aware of their gender there is also a complete acceptance of however that may change in their futures. Annistasia confirmed that she believed that gender neutralisation could have a negative impact and blur the lines of sexuality. Yes! It’s important I feel that we let our children be who they are without boundaries and embrace whole heartedly the choices they make regarding their gender and sexuality. 

I think it’s important to add that during this interview I could tell that these children will be encouraged to flourish whilst being guided by a mother that loves them. It was really great to see how the other half live! I love my children but I know I’m an uptight mum at times, I may just need too be a little freer with them!!! 

And look at the hair:


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