International Women’s Day.

It’s international women’s day and I’m going to take this opportunity to be brutally honest about what it’s like being a women, this obviously differs dependant on everyone’s social backgrounds and their lifestyles and careers etc.

I have never been held back by a man like I have by women, I have never been made to feel as horrendous by men as I have by women and so when I think about equality my first thoughts are how we need to first obtain mutual respect for each other as women before we can gain what we want from men.

I don’t wish to dismiss the pressing requirement for equal pay, equal opportunities, as well as freedom over our bodies (amongst other things) but on a day like today when we share bullshit sentiments of sisterhood I laugh at the notion this exists in the way that we portray it.

We have our girlfriends but many of us (if we’re being honest) view other women as a threat, whether that be physically or intellectually. I have a friend who makes me feel like shit every time I see her, on every occasion she does what she can to make me feel stupid, uncomfortable, and often less of a mother than her and however much I search I cannot find the reason for this. Girls at school were mean to me for countless reasons, I wasn’t popular, I had to work hard for the merely average grades I got, I liked different music, I read, I wasn’t as pretty as them, let alone all the reasons I didn’t know.

Sexual freedom and expression of sexuality is something women champion but I have been called a slut by women, never men. I have been made to feel bad about my body and sexuality, I have heard horrible rumours and the nasty things said about me.

At work I have been held back and stripped of my confidence by women. I have had my mental health laughed at by women, I have heard the things they have said about me and the jokes they have made behind my back. I have had all my hard work knocked out of me and all my knowledge used and never thanked for. I was called ‘unmanageable’, I was told not to try too hard, not to have passion. I was told to be 6/10 to make me less threatening and told to be less dedicated, take work less seriously. I was hated by some and laughed at by others.

I remember a set of friends making me feel so bad that I pretended to be ill for a week so I could have a break from them.

More recently I remember another women’s glee in telling me about problems in a previous relationship alluding to issues with my weight that has scarred me for life.

By women I have been called a slut, a cunt, ugly, fat, dirty, average, boring.

So if you learn anything from today please let it be to either become the women you post about and support your ladies like you claim to or skip celebrations of a international women’s day.

please consider helping a sister out with education and the ongoing education of children, please donate and share:


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