The Lies We Tell. 

I recently spoke to a work colleague about social media and how they personally did not tend to post anything because they didn’t have anything that they considered as interesting to anybody else going on. They didn’t have children. With this conversation it hit me that not only do I post up a huge amount of pictures of my children but I also make it not only seem like my life is interesting but that it’s some sort of fairytale happy. Don’t get me wrong I am happy, I have a loving partner, two wonderful children,a giant  chocolate Labrador and a very fat ginger cat, but in the same day I can have a partner that drives me round the twist, two children that push me to my breaking point, a dog that poops in the dinning room and a cat that won’t come in when called, but I rarely post about that. The reality of our lives is much different to what we let other people see and when they do see what’s really happening it can be viewed as embarrassing, like I’m about to get embarrassed that I sometimes fantasise about killing my boyfriend. Here are some of the things you didn’t see:

George got into a right state putting on his sleep suit, I nearly cried and Millie refused to get out of the bath because she’d get cold, instead she stayed in it sobbing whilst I tried to explain I needed her to get the fuck out. I screamed, everyone cried. 

Millie refused to drink her hot chocolate and only wanted mine, I refused to eat the cake I’d been bought and we all got really stressed at each other and I shouted in Costa. I did not say thank you. 

I received flowers from Jess after he was a dick, I posted a picture of them with emoji hearts, still did not forgive him and continued to be a bitch. 

I’d been bought a Yankee Candle Advent calendar, I was really disappointed and rude because it wasn’t bought ready for December 1st and I wanted chocolate. 

I had been dreading Halloween all week and didn’t want to go trick or treating in the cold, I was very annoyed. 

Possibly my all time favourite lie. We walked devils chimney and I hated every sing step, I moaned because it was too hot, I was too fat, the baby was too heavy, my legs were chaffing. 

So I am happy, I am in love, I am at times a big fat lie teller. 

Peace out. 


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