0-6 Month Review (part one)

Parenting is hella hard. This is pretty much how I start every post. I want to recap on the many changes we have tackled on our journey from 0-6. 

Oh the cute little slug days, how I miss these, when all you wanted was tit and a cuddle. You George were so small and vulnerable and I would never have considered that you would ever become the nipple twisting little sod I now fear throughout the night. You slept, like all the time, it took me ages to work out what your eye colour was because your beautiful (blue) eyes were always closed in silent contentment. 

After the first few weeks when parenthood becomes something more than ‘look what we made’ and suddenly the adrenaline has left you all and you’re all tired and the house (regardless of how quickly the nappy was removed) still smells of shit phase starts. It’s like zombies have come into your home and instead of eating your brains they have simply zapped your energy and maybe a small amount of your soul. Don’t worry it gets worse. 

The inoculations. By far an incredible gift to bestow upon your child because health is so important and I’m not even going to joke about that but prepare yourself for the first massive changes in your child. I swear that the fever that was a result of the nurse making my boy scream with pain for the first time ever is enough to make you cry. I did cry, several times. 

So hear hear for good health. Followed by the first of 2 colds that have come since. There will be people you know who sniff instead of blowing their nose and that’s massively annoying but babies can’t blow theirs. Like what the actual fuck? So I bought a device to suck the snot out of the snot monsters nose. It was the best £5 I’ve ever spent but I was upset I had to spend it for the joy of snot sucking. 

Teething. Well I’ll leave that alone. We all fear the teeth 

Let’s roll, but not give any indication as to when we are going to discover this super power to petrify mum, she never leaves us on the edge of the bed but hell she’ll be scared to now. Wow they can do it to get everywhere, nothing on the floor/bed is safe and the poor cat feels even more persecuted by the tiny human. 

The tiny human has woken up so will be a two parter. 

Peace ✌️ 


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