Let’s not raise arseholes

The internet is a scary place, like literally terrifying at times, when you’re a women you are bombarded by pictures of unrealistic standards of beauty (I cannot relate (due to the lack of willy) to men, but I’m sure it can be the same) for example they can literally cripple how I feel about myself, yes I can be that insecure. But this post isn’t about all the women that look better than me. It’s about all the mum envy out there. We all have different ways of caring for our young, some promote breast over bottle, or self led weening over making all your meals into smoothies for your babies, or the carrying mum vs the pram lady.

I want to just say, whatever you are doing is great!

I recently read that Russel Brand is going to raise his daughter ‘gender neutral’ and I cannot come to a reasonable thought as to why this is being done? Do people really do this? Why don’t we all just raise our bubs with acceptance? Accepting who they are as well as who others are. Let’s not raise arseholes. I want to bring George up as a feminist, backing his female counterparts. George has a mum and a sister and aunts etc, I want him to value them as much as he will himself. Millie needs to as supportive to her brother as I expect him to be to her, do you get it? Love each other, embrace what makes up similar and what makes us different.

It’s crazy that as mums we are under as much pressure as we are from external avenues, as if not coping with enormous responsibility of raising a decent human being is not hard enough! Sometimes I have to detach myself from all the wonderful mums I follow on Instagram and remind myself that we are all just trying to do a good job and some people do it looking like a super star and sometime I do it looking like a potato…in my defence I’m getting about 4 hours sleep a night. Anyway he is awake so I’m signing off.

Just a passing thought. Peace.


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