Let’s hear it for the boys. 

So recently I have been trashing my partner all over the internet, I am dedicating this blog to him and all the daddy’s out there that are currently suffering at the hands of their ill-mannered, foul-tempered and plain right psychotic counterparts. Now I’m not generalising that all mothers are in the cusps of world destruction like I am but I want to admit that I am indeed there. I am angry and tired and he has to deal with that, he spends all his time that is not working dealing with my multiple personalities. He shouts at me and I shout at him, he also holds me whilst I cry and convinces me whilst I am at my most stubborn (which is like a disease) that I can’t get better than him….and he is right. That man has put up with so much shit from me, it’s constant and I am so incredibly demanding on all his emotions, I doubt there is anyone that can make him as angry as I do and no one who can make him feel as loved. 

I know I take everything out on him and he takes it, like a fucking champ. 

When I hate you please remember I love you. When I am shouting at you please remember I can also whisper. When I threaten you with acts of violence please remember the great sex 😉
Thank you for being the daddy….and thank you for doing the washing up. I love you. 


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