Thursday Ramblings

So this has been playing on my mind for a while but I have yet to decide how best to discuss it, I like people, I do not care about skin colour, sexuality, gender, religion etc. As long as you are a good person I like you. So with that in mind I am not sure why I was angry to see a Transgender model on the new H&M advert? I felt like this was exploitation and then I considered why it could be seen that way.

My mother told me that there is not a part of society that has not been exploited by the fashion industry. And I think I’m offended by all of it? Super skinny models setting unrealistic and unreasonable beauty standards, plus size models that you could argue maybe popularises an unhealthy lifestyle, transgender models being used to suddenly show the liberal minds of the company who had previously been uninterested in this demographic. I don’t know how this could be rectified.

Being that I wanted to start blogging I decided to follow some mum blogs on Instagram and I found that they also set the bar unrealistically high. They often share the pictures of their outfits that as a whole would swallow my maternity pay for the month. It feels like false advertising. @dresslikeamum is the worst, I do believe that maybe it is a blog that allows mothers to see that the freedom of styling themselves should be the same regardless of whether you are a mum but actually it’s not a common depiction of a mother. I don’t understand why we are all trying to advertise our lifestyles? We are walking adverts and unless we feel like someone wants to buy into what we have we can end up feeling pretty low. It’s sad really and to be frank I’m no different just on a smaller more humble budget. So in conclusion can I really feel terrible about the H&M advert?



One thought on “Thursday Ramblings

  1. At the end of the day, they are trying to sell ‘you’ something. They are trying to appeal to the widest demographic in a single image/advert. There are trying to attain the most cost effective means of reaching their target audience and push their product. Trans issues/culture are at the forefront of discussion at the moment, one may even say ‘trendy’. That shit sells. Its the same with plus size models and images of same sex partners.

    You offence is reactionary to the advert, reactionary to the social media mums (who make a lot of money from add revenue and affiliate links by the way). It is simply in their interest to push overpriced shit on their audience, as they get a cut from the sales.

    You are angry because you are being had.


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