Things I am scared to talk about.

image.jpegEssentially this is a blog about mothering and the responsibility we have to address situations that make us feel uncomfortable but it is also a post that anyone can relate to, albeit maybe the topics are different. We all have a moral code and its differences from person to person that shape the very uniqueness of our race, I don’t suspect that the things I worry about are necessarily universal and often the things that are hard stem from personal experiences or things you have witnessed. It is important that as people we bravely conquer our fears to better ourselves and educate those around us, predominantly in this case my children. It is not simply that they are hard to explain it can also be that you feel you shouldn’t have to explain them or even preparing yourself or your children for clashes in opinions.

So let’s hit this list:

1. One in Four will fall victim to sexual assault. 

This is a petrifying statistic, and not just for women but men too as sexual assault is far from gender specific. Rape is the fourth most common crime, it often goes unreported and prison sentences vary hugely. You can try to encourage safety but that does not mean the safe are never victims.

2. Everyone is equal. 

The reason this life lesson terrifies me is simply because it should not need to be taught and unfortunately there are many that do not feel this is the case. Equality in gender, race, religion, and sexuality should simply exist within society and how do we expect to ensure that this is understood by our children? The influence of parents cannot always outweigh the fear that be generated by others. As Yoda very insightfully states “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

3. Love is universal. 

Love can be found in many ways and it’s not exclusive to just men and women. Yep, another equality issue and teaching the acceptance of the many faces of love. Furthermore love is not always reciprocated. Love is not always kind.

4. Sex. 

Now this subject does scare me, as a liberal women what I do with my body is up to myself and I believe that to be the case with everyone. BUT we need to teach our children respect for their bodies because once that has been lost its incredibly hard to regain.

5. Respect.

To accept that the respect others maybe lacking should never affect the manner in which you conduct yourself! This is hard, something I myself have not always practiced, we often quote “treat those as we ourselves would wish to be treated” but often its misunderstood for treating others the way they treat you and that is not necessarily the way it works.


One thought on “Things I am scared to talk about.

  1. There’s an easy and funny way to do the sex subject with your kids. First off, the NSPCC has a little video to share, along the Just say ‘NO’ lines. Also, with girls, a particular worry, when you go past a really fancy cake shop, look at them all and say how lovely they look…then ask your daughter, grand daughter if they would choose a cake for a particular and very special occasion if all the people who had looked at it had been and poked the cake. Of course they will pull a face and answer ‘no’ so you tell them that they don’t want to be the cake everyone has poked when they grow up. Also, the person who will live until they are 2oo years old has already been born. Tell your child if they stay children even until they are 20, they might have 180 years to be a grown up in. Tell them what you miss about not being a child and enjoy the things you used to enjoy with them.


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