As women we are all unique and we very much need to celebrate our differences and empower each other to recognise the beauty in ourselves as these days we spend so much time trawling through social media looking at pictures solely displaying what the depicted want them to. I myself love a selfie showing my ‘outfit of the day’, I take that photo within minutes of finishing getting ready and minutes after that I often look like a completely different person! 
My phone is full of pictures of myself that did not make the cut for one reason or another but more recently I have been enjoying sending my friend Molly true photos of things that are happening to me, this includes being covered in baby sick, a selfie after only two hours sleep or a the occasion picture of me struggling with feeding in the middle of the night and I am finding it very refreshing. I really want there to be more honesty in our feeds and in a bid to curb our obsession with perfection. That is not to say that I am entirely brave enough to compile my social platforms full of no make up, filterless shots! 

I always considered that my liquid eyeliner skills were incredible and with so many years of wearing it I must have it down to a fine art, well think again. I can’t contour, I tried once, I looked like a dirty potato. Bushy eyebrows….check, I keep a heavy fringe to avoid plucking them and that’s okay! I guess I’m trying to convince myself and others that it’s okay to not live everyday like we do through the photos we take. My Instagram is not full of picture of the days I don’t get dressed, or the dog walks I go on solo without a bra on, maybe they should be? I plow through photos of people and study them with envy sometimes and it is so not good for my soul. 

Before and after a hot sweaty baby carrying session! 


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