Nip Slipping. 

I didn’t want to write a post so soon about being a mother because hey that’s all I talk about having had a new one just over three months ago, but it’s a massively important part of my life that has effected every aspect inclusive of how I dress. I do not wish to go on about the changes in size that every mum faces during postpartum as that goes with territory and although it can be a difficult time I’ve dealt with this before when I had my wonderful daughter, what is new these days is breastfeeding. Before having George I never put my clothes through the scrutiny I do now and my first thought is ‘can I pop a boob in this?’ I must admit after 3 months of trying to do it discreetly in this heat I just cannot comfortably juggle a frantically moving baby, a bra with with clippy boob fasteners, and trying to keep a muslin over a boob and a baby. I didn’t read a lot when I was pregnant about what to expect and to be completely honest I did not think that I would actually be a breastfeeding mother but no one tells you after not only having months of wearing purely what makes you comfortable you will have to adjust your wardrobe furthermore. 

I love feeding my boy and the clothing is a small issue when you consider the benefits and bond that I have with my George but by gosh no one told me about this! I think there are many things that can help you stay a happy mummy and comfortability is one of these, I want to feel like a women not a lump and high street fashion or affordable fashion does not help the breast feeding women. I do need to factor in what makes me confident to feed in may not be the same for other mothers, for example I have never enjoyed the T-shirt vest underneath combo. 
Anyway this is not what I want to go into too deeply I just want to share some of the knowledge I have gained through my many style related breastfeeding struggles so her goes:

My new obsession with shirts:

As you can see patterns feature very heavily with me, I hope it draws the eyes away from my nipple, no really patterns are kind of my thing. Well shirts mean easy access, there are tons of them in charity shops, and I can buy them in massive sizes that help give me some space and keeps me cool in this heat. 

A good dress:

Now this is the same as the shirt, buttons are a wonderful thing that we have been blessed with as mere mortals and I have to say that even though it is harder to find something that will do up over my boobs and still fits the waist it is possible. Any dress that is stretchy around the chest helps, wrap dresses are also great. Now I know I keep harping on about charity shops but a lot of the older dresses and vintage prices you can pick up have a classic fit for maybe a curvier figure I find, I could simply be lucky I guess. 


Don’t worry my boobs are not that low I can slip them out my skirt but I like to feel fashionable and I find vest tops which are good for a nip slip so I like to dress then up with skirts, it makes the vest more bearable. 


Again it’s a simple touch to a vest that can make you feel a little more stylish! Plus you can wear it backwards for some privacy when you need it. 

Now for those of you with your beautiful nipples intact feel free to share this with others who may be considering breastfeeding. Feeding a baby is daunting, it can be hard and painful at times, this blog will not change that but being comfortable is something that we should all benefit from!! 


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