Yesterday I went charity shop shopping, yep I’m an addict! I am also a hypocrite, I bought a beautiful real leather vintage bag oh it’s delicious but I was disgusted to see there were 3 real fur coats in the shop for sale and it got me thinking when is buying animal based fashion items wrong? I am not a vegan, not even a vegetarian but I was horrified that the charity were selling them. 
I did not always have an issue with fur, my mum had told me of the days she had dressed my sisters in fur during harsh winters in London, but when we revisited this she also told me that with the availability of other fabrics that are just as warm today there is now simply no need for it. So that is the case, there is no need for it! 

Is vintage pre-loved okay? 

Maybe there is an argument for this as ultimately you could consider this as being removed from the fur trade and all for charity as it will. I guess this is a possibility but fashion is spread through exposure and although if I was to wear fur in the winter on the little Isle of Wight is a far call to making a movement but it does show what you stand for and I do not stand for fur. 
I’m extremely liberal and would never dare to tell people what to wear and I am hardly as conscious as I should be. Who is making our clothes and are they sustainable fabrics? Today made me realise that I do not question the fundamentals of what we are buying, I am as guilty as anyone else and probably more so being that I buy on a strict budget, the question that is bugging me is should my personal restrictions excuse my choices when purchasing clothes? 


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