Camp Leggings?

You are either in camp leggings or you are not. Well that’s not entirely true! I am not a fan of leggings, in fact I would go so far as to say that I hate them, they leave nothing to the imagination clutching your butt, your love handles, saddle bags, and not to mention….well let’s not mention that rather private part. However let’s all be brutally honest and admit how wonderfully comfortable they are and often so much more readily available to fit the curvier figure and how the very black bottoms helps the fabulously patterned shirt seem a little more wearable! I do wear leggings. I wear them for comfort, they are easy, they are easy to dress but I wear them mostly because of the restrictions I find shopping for my arse, now I’m not complaining about my butt, it belongs to me and the size of it is dictated solely by the amount of cheesecake I consume and a lack of exercise I partake in but surely I should be able to wear jeans?

I don’t wish to make a sweeping statement about high street fashion but on a budget I find it cripplingly hard (and rather soul destroying) to shop for jeans. After I had my most recent baby my mother heard my struggles and grabbed me some jeans out that were too big for her one was a size 16 the other was a size 18 both pairs were from Next the 18 wear super tight and the 16 fit. The pair I borrowed loosened so significantly throughout the day they become too uncomfortable to wear, well isn’t that just great?! I was once in topshop and had to ask for a size bigger than a 16 I was very rudely told that ‘we don’t cater for women of your size in this store’. So trousers are an utter pain in the backside (and round the hips). In fact the prospect of jean shopping is so so daunting I would do anything to avoid it, I have even bought (probably like so many others) a size that should fit me but doesn’t. So for me leggings are a necessity, I always buy them in a large size to avoid the fearful stretched see through fabric pulling itself unhappily across my chunky (beautiful) bits.

Another reason that I find the need to wear my biggest fashion failure (purely in my eyes) is have you seen how short dresses are cut? Unless you want a maxi/midi dress you will find there is a rather real possibility that it’s going to be difficultly short. I love tights. I mean in the winter I live and die in tights, but there are so many dresses that have been breathtakingly beautiful that I have had to pass up on through fear of people seeing way too much of me! I am 5″6 so not even that tall, distinctly average, my legs could never be described as going on for miles so yep often leggings are a way of coping with high street fashions.

This was a plea to a friend for consent to wear tights with this dress….consent was denied.

I am going to end the whining there because frankly I am embracing the leggings I am saying yes to leggings and crying for butt equality, treat my hips as though they are magical and stop skimping on the fabric!


3 thoughts on “Camp Leggings?

  1. Your so right, Jess stopped me buying leggings, I thought they looked great. Wrong, however in recent years I’ve gone back to the old faithfuls, might I add with a very long top and high boots. My uniform for winter. Jeans are another matter all together X

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  2. I’ve found the only answer to the age-old dilemma of the Jean is supermarkets! Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda. All fail safes!
    …and Alleluia for leggings – as a teacher I feel my life would incomplete without them. Especially, like you say, when all dresses/tunics nowadays are so short in length.
    J x

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  3. I’m a fan of leggings, for comfort too, as long as I have a top/dress long enough to cover my butt!!
    I cannot stand seeing leggings/jeggings worn with short and/or tight tops, no matter what size the person is.
    (Having said that, I’m sure that’s what I did 20 years ago!!)

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