I am a charity shop junky. Self confessed. I love the buzz I get from finding something that has a heap of unknown history behind it and hopefully a bright future ahead. Yes I see clothes as more than just fabric and guess that’s why it’s a bit of an (un)healthy obsession and that is why I thrift as otherwise I could not afford to eat! There is also something very special in having an item that is one of a kind, this is reserved for the older items I buy. I like to buy vintage but with this growing fashion scene of vintage dressers (shoutout you all look fabulous) the prices are rocketing and you are paying a massive finders fee for the privilege of shopping in vintage stores. However the weekly charity shop run is not always the easiest way to grow a collection and with two children with me mistakes are made:


I stand by my £1 purchase as that pattern is wonderful and I did wear it. I do not take in the clothes that I buy, I do small mends, add buttons etc but no large jobs. You do always have to be prepared to leave with nothing, but also take the opportunity to try something you haven’t tried before, a garish shirt or in the case above heavily patterned skirts!

There are also a lot of perks of buying pre loved other than saving dollar.


You may find the hidden gem that NEEDS to be in your closet! A Jaeger dress that cost me £2.99, granted it is a floor length black gown that makes me look like a nun but there is something so great about having it! ❤️

I will touch on my love of the charity shop in more detail but the baby has awoken from his slumber 💤💤


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