The look of love.



I have found that over the years my image has been progressing to this point, I hasten to add that by no means I am about to conclude it is perfect I just mean it is finally me. That’s the important bit. I am not preaching that I am unique or that I have a style unseen by others I merely wish to shout out that ‘I AM COMFORTABLE!!!’ Like many girls that turned into teens that became women I have struggled with how I have looked, how much I have weighed, and what size I am. I have days where I still have a inner monologue running through an argument with my wardrobe but mostly I have come to embrace my shape, laugh at and adore my wobbly bits, and checked out my reflection whilst high fiving myself. I am a woman and they like all good things come in a variety of packaging!

When I stopped judging myself I found that buying clothes became fun (a task I had often struggled with) for once in my life I began to dress for myself and it felt GOOOOOD! So I guess I’m trying to say that once you fall in love with yourself you will find out how fun it is to be yourself.

I promise this blog will become more structured but I have not done this before and I want this to be relatable to people which basically means to me that I need to do some sharing of my own experiences to explain where my love of clothes come from!

Over and out ❤️


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