Basically I wish to use this as an online fashion diary, this should essentially assist me in what will be my journey through style and learning about myself.  My interest in fashion has been a relatively recent fancy and with that in mind I have ultimatelyy chosen to document this as many women like myself struggle to maintain a particular style or even enjoy dressing themselves. I have a three month old baby who is currently being breastfed  which brings with it a whole lot of love and a completely different set of requirements from my clothes and with that it seems that they are so important. Hoe we dress ourselves is an expression of who we are and the restrictions  of our lives ultimately affect our style. It is just a very interesting look into the lives of others and I am enjoying doing this on a social platform and hope that my style will be as enjoyable to somebody else. I am sure many will relate to the notion that not only dressing a post pregnancy body is hard but also retaining some sort of identity after a child is very daunting. I also want to mention I have a seven-year-old daughter who is incredibly amazing  and it took me a very long time to find the confidence after her to have an identity away from being a mother so I think it’s really very important that I continue to enjoy myself when revisiting mothering a baby  however I wish to stress this is not just for mothers it’s for people who enjoy fashion or people who are generally petrified of it which I am also. Anyway I am as it was the introduction of this to be particularly long I just want it to outline what I want to do as a reminder to myself! So thank you very much for reading and I hope that you have enjoyed this and will continue to enjoy! ❤️



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